Hidden Earth 2019

Photoshop Workshop

120 minute Workshop|Jerry Wooldridge

Photoshop Workshop


Photoshop workshop, looking at using layers; layer masks; adjustment layers.

Suitable for a small number (6 – 9) of people who have some experience with Photoshop, but find the concept of layers difficult. The workshop would be for about 2 hours (Saturday). Using layers particularly to combine a number of images & using layer masks in that process. Using adjustment layers for ‘non destructive’ editing of a photograph. Adjustment to the image itself is destructive as information is lost.

he idea of the workshop would be to bring your own laptop with PS on, & preferably a couple of your images to work on, probably taken from the same position but with different lighting, or people having moved along the passage.


Please sign up or ask any questions by emailing photoshop-workshop@hidden.earth