Hidden Earth Salons & Competitions

Media Salons

Hidden Earth runs four media salons which are on display throughout the weekend to showcase your work in cave or mine related photography, videomaking, surveying and art.  There are competitions within each salon providing the chance to win some great prizes donated by our sponsors.

Salons are judged on a number of factors, including artistic, technical and aesthetic qualities. How good is the composition, lighting and subject matter? How original is the art? How well edited is the video? Is the resolution of the photos and videos good? Has the work been well presented in accordance with the rules? Do surveys include proper legends and scale? These competitions are extremely popular, and so minor details can make all the difference.

The key message however is to take part and let others enjoy your work.

Other Competitions

There are a number of other competitions running throughout the weekend, some with prizes and some just for fun! We always try to run as many as possible but due to time or venue restraints some may not run every year.

SRT Races

Demonstrate your SRT skills with a long prusik or technical challenge.

Ladder Races

Timed ladder climbing (up and down) and ladder coiling - neat is key!

Rope Handling Skills

Test yourself at blindfold knot tying and speed tackle back stuffing!

Surveying Competition

Follow our course around the outside of the venue to get the smallest loop closure error. Manual or digital instruments allowed.

Speleo Olympics

Cavers' obstacle course either alone or as a team. Get that tackle sack through the maze of pipes and squeezes.

Club T-shirt Design

Show off your clubs' artistic abilities - usually a delegate vote for this one.

Best Club Stand

Clubs are welcome to take up our offer for a free single table stand in the trade hall to show-off your projects and latest trips, and maybe even recruit some new members! If you would like to include display boards as part of your stand, you will need to bring these – but remember that space is tight (typically only 1.5m width). Book a club stand along with your ticket. The club stands are judged on creative setups, unique information and how well run it is. Power is also available for most stands.

Take a look at some previous winners...

Artists Bill of Rights

The Artists Bill of Rights Campaign recognises that our competitions are fair to entrants. The Hidden Earth team is pleased to be the first European caving organisation to achieve this accreditation.