Hidden Earth 2019:

Greenland Caves Project 2019

Lecture / Exploration

Dr Hazel Barton


During July, 2019, the Greenland Caves Project returned to Northeast Greenland for a three week interdisciplinary research and exploration expedition. The 9-person, 7 nationality team, included researchers from the Universities of Innsbruck, Akron, Oxford, and Sheffield. Four areas were worked and explored from three base camps, and with the availability of a helicopter, the team were able to cover significantly more ground than they would have otherwise done on foot. Still, the going was often tough, with steep scree slopes and exposed ledges needing careful navigation. Over 30 holes/caves were documented and explored, of which 5 yielded significant cave passage. New records were set for the longest explored cave in Greenland and the most northerly explored cave on the planet.

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