Best Club Stand

Clubs are welcome to take up our offer for a free single table stand in the trade hall to show-off your projects and latest trips, and maybe even recruit some new members! If you would like to include display boards as part of your stand, you will need to bring these – but remember that space is tight (typically only 1.5m width). The club stands are judged on creative setups, unique information and how well run it is.

Club stand space is free (with a small extra charge if you want electricity or an extra table) but you will need to book it when you book your tickets.

Here's a few previous winners to inspire you...

2018 Winner - Cave Diving Group
2018 2nd Place - Red Rose CPC
2017 Winner - Scouts
2017 2nd Place - Mendip Caving Group
2015 Winner - South Wales Caving Club
2014 Winner - United Cavers Exploration Team